WiGig, the next generation of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi will soon me out there door, replaced by Wi-Gig. Faster speeds, higher bandwidth capacity, longer range.

For those of you into numbers, the 60 GHz band, also known as a millimeter band for its wavelength, can allow up to 7 Gbps in short-range data transmission in the US and many other countries, with multiple channel configurations allowed to operate in the same space. The short wavelength means short propagation, mostly in room.

The IEEE has a 60 GHz task group (802.11ad) that’s paired with its sub-6 GHz 1 Gbps group (802.11ac) as part of two separate moves forward to faster WLANs. The Wi-Fi Alliance would likely certify specific characteristics of 802.11ad for 60 GHz.

But it’s been seen as quite likely that a single Wi-Fi adapter in the future would handle 2.4 GHz for compatibility and range, 5 GHz for performance and reduced interference (also where 802.11ac is focused), and 60 GHz for short-range super-fast data transfers. Having the WiGig group’s specification now aligned with the future of 802.11 and Wi-Fi will make it easier for manufacturers, computer systems’ makers, and home and business users.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)