Israel bans use of iPads

In what seems to be a confusing explanation, Israel has banned all iPads from coming into the country – both by tourists and by import.

Israeli officials told the Associated Press that the ban was imposed because the iPad’s Wi-Fi connection uses a frequency that conflicts with Israeli standards for wireless networks. The wireless system is incompatible with Israel’s wireless standard, and authorities claim it could damage the network.

What doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, is that iPhones, Blackberries, etc are all fine.

One thought is that Irsael wants to restrict iPads coming in, and only allow “iDigital” to sell the units — they are the authorized Apple dealer in the country, and the owner is the son of the Israeli president.

Either way, funny how a nation that is trying to open its doors to tourism and vacations and travel, is taking items away from those they invite in. I sincerely doubt a dozen iPads are going to take down the Israeli wireless economy.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)