Mixed-gender dorm rooms – the latest controversy?

I stumbled upon a story describing the new ideas for living arrangements on college campuses. From what I read only fifty schools are in current participation, but I can see how it all started.

Some fourty years ago colleges started allowing mixed genders to occupy the same building, alternating floors. Then came gender unspecific floors altogether, with both gender restrooms or shared restrooms. But now, these colleges are trying something different; shared rooming. Sure, this likely came to be due to gay individuals being more comfortable rooming with someone from the opposite gender, and it then branched from there. Male/Female roommates do not have a romantic relationship together (due to drama possibilities), but rather are platonic friends that would prefer to room together as opposed to someone they do not know.

Gender-neutral housing has gained attention as the final step in the integration of student housing. I do support this movement, however, all I can do is think of the movie Threesome. Anyone agree?

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)