Mixed-gender dorm rooms – the latest controversy?

I stumbled upon a story describing the new ideas for living arrangements on college campuses. From what I read only fifty schools are in current participation, but I can see how it all started.

Some fourty years ago colleges started allowing mixed genders to occupy the same building, alternating floors. Then came gender unspecific floors altogether, with both gender restrooms or shared restrooms. But now, these colleges are trying something different; shared rooming. Sure, this likely came to be due to gay individuals being more comfortable rooming with someone from the opposite gender, and it then branched from there. Male/Female roommates do not have a romantic relationship together (due to drama possibilities), but rather are platonic friends that would prefer to room together as opposed to someone they do not know.

Gender-neutral housing has gained attention as the final step in the integration of student housing. I do support this movement, however, all I can do is think of the movie Threesome. Anyone agree?

Dear Browns, your quarterback woes have only begun

I rarely talk about professional sports teams on this blog, but this is a topic that makes me wonder. The Cleveland Browns, last year with two “workable” quarterbackss, recently removed them both from the roster. Derek Anderson (1 probowl, cut) and Brady Quinn (traded to Broncos) were the two starting QBs last year, alternating between the two since neither seemed consistent enough to remain the solid starter.

Who do they pick up? Jake Delhomme from the Panthers. In my opinion, a worse option than either of the 2 QBs they let go. He finished last year after 11 games with a 59.4 passer rating. Wow. Really, Browns? Really? Discount the fact that he played on a run-first team behind DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, this is not a QB that I would hope to have as my starter on a team that is still unsettled as to which sort of offense they want to run.

He was released from Carolina for a reason, right?

In other news.. LaDainian Tomlinson to the Jets is a good move for him, as opposed to going to the Vikings.