Ochocinco and the latest dating reality show

Chad Ochocinco has already traded his cleats for dancing shoes. Now the Cincinnati Bengal is adding another reality TV star to his résumé.

The father of four will be featured in The Tournament, a new cable docu-soap that will follow the 32-year-old Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver as he searches for a new partner. Ochocinco will choose from 85 women and during the first 10 episodes he will narrow it down to 16, 4 from each region of the country.

Personally, I enjoy Chad Johnson’s antics off the football field. It doesn’t affect his play or give the team a negative attitude about him (I’m looking at you, T.O.) and actually makes his next game more exciting. Good thing the Bengals swept the division though, with all the trash talk he sent to Ray Lewis this past season.

Author: Jason Zajdel

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