Can we please stop talking about him?

Corey Haim died. We know. The whole world knows. That was unfortunately around half of all celebrity news yesterday. He died overdosing on prescription drugs. Suicide, if you will.

As Perez puts it, “So devastating, but friends and family can only help so much if their loved one isn’t ready to come to terms with their disease.

Corey had a problem with drugs abuse in the past. He was attending AA and NA meetings regularly, but transitioned to prescription meds to get his fix. As People Magazine states, “Corey died broke and alone.

This is not the first celebrity death this year and it will certainly not be the last. Can we please stop hearing about it now? The coverage for someone who killed themselves and had no recent major pieces of work is very alarming. At least Heath Ledger was still producing very good content. I realize I’m going to take heat and criticism for this post, but I’m sick of half of the celebrity blogs containing Corey updates. The end.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)