3D TVs, coming soon to a living room near you!

The battle for 3D in your home is on! Both Sony and Samsung are releasing 3D Television sets in your home. The starting price? Approximately 50% more than what you pay now for a big screen high definition set. With the limited content that is 3D available, I’d be hard pressed to purchase one of these in the next year or two.

However, Sony is working to improve the Playstation 3’s 3D compatibility and utilize it more, and movies such as Avatar being released on DVD/Bluray will certainly help the usage. Plus there are supposedly talks of ESPN releasing a 3D channel in the future. Sports in 3D? Sign me up!

Now, the set comes with two pair of 3D glasses; however soon the day will come when 3D is without the necessary facial hardware. After that, flying cars!