America puts the hurt on Finland and then cruises for the last 50 minutes

So I once again had the opportunity to stream the noon-time game from today. The first few minutes were hysterical. Goal after goal after goal, rinse and repeat. Out of the first four goals, USA had only taken seven shots, meaning the opposing Finland goalie only made three saves. He was then promptly removed from the game, and replaced with another.. who rapidly coughed up two goals of his own.

Just ten minutes into the game and USA is up 6-0, tying an American record from 1962 when the USA team scored 6 against Germany in the first period.

Most of the remaining game was rather uneventful, as USA floated to an easy win and will prepare to contend for the Gold medal in two days, the last day of the Olympics, against either Canada or Slovakia. The most amazing fact I enjoy is that 20 of the 23 USA hockey players have never been to the Olympics. Just think how amazing we will be in 2014!