It’s nothing more than a bigass iPod Touch…

So one of the large topics of this week is the new Apple iPad. Sure, it looks neat, it’s reasonably priced (compared to other Apple products when introduced), and very useful.. however in the innovation department, there’s nothing. Take the Kindle or Sony Reader. Add in the functionality of the iPod Touch or iPhone (minus the phone part) and what do you get? Yes, the iPad.

It has no USB port. It’s still going to require your PC/Mac/Laptop to sync, transfer your current application profiles from your other devices, etc. It surfs the web, but cannot replace any computer. $500 for 16gb up to $700 for 64gb is great, but I’d rather save my cash to drop $700 on a half-decent 500gb laptop. I mean, it’s not as if I’m going to shove the iPad into my pocket and take it wherever I go, right? It’s going to go wherever my laptop (or Kindle / Sony Reader) would go. It’s a nice .5″ 1.5lb product that is only as mobile as a sheet of wood. Except more fragile.

The best use of this thing would be for a private school to invest in them, so kids no longer need to carry around 50-65lb backpacks — all course textbooks, etc, would be on this device. Reports would be sent in via e-mail.

Overall: neat idea, great product, but I already have 4 of the same product laying around.

I however, did find a slightly more useful product, for $15, at Fry’s yesterday.

Folding keyboard! It’s more or less pure rubber so you can roll it up and throw it in your laptop bag. It’s completely safe to spill drinks on since it’s essentially just a rubber mat, with raised keys (buttons) on it. Completely light, thin, and typing on it was surprisingly not so bad when I was playing with it in the store.

Now THIS is a useful product! I hate typing on the small laptop keyboards, and this thing even has the standard 10-key on the right side.

Okay, a little dorky. But you know you want one too!

I read an article online through the SF Chronicle: High-speed rail in California getting $2 billion. Hooray. It’s about time.  Sort of. Construction won’t really begin for another year an d a half… but at least you can look forward to a future 5 years from now where a train ride (220 mph) to Los Angeles will be amazingly faster than driving down.

I recall voting on this during the last major election; it’s nice to know the future US will be as advanced as a large portion of Europe. Quite honestly, our railway and public transit systems pale in reflection to that of our UK allies.

I’ve been reading a lot of The Oatmeal lately.. Notably hunorous is the How to Suck at Facebook page. Good stuff, and I can sadly relate to a few of the entries. ;)

Also, I’ve incorporated a new theme and have the Lyric section to the right the way that I want it. I can much more easily add new lyrics there and have it display properly, without distorting the layout on any browser (IE included, damn you Microsoft!)

I’ve been learning quite a bit of PHP during the past few days, as going into this blogathon I knew absolutely none. I had a firm grasp on HTML and a small bit of Javascript (since it’s so much like C++) but had no familiarity with PHP/CSS. I can look at code and understand how it’s supposed to work, however replicating it for myself is a different story. I am now learning how to do as such, and the random lyrics upon each page load is a resembling of that. I may look to start my own template (as opposed to installing a pre-created one) sometime in the future, and let things start taking off from there.

Where has January gone to?

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