iPhone webpage version!

I just installed a plugin for my page that enabled iPhone / iPod Touch users to view my page in a different (more screen friendly) version. ;)

So I am ditching, or rather attempting to ditch, Comcast from my home. They decided to jack up my HD TV rates $20 without notifying me ahead of time that my “special promotion” rate was ending; after making a customer service guy feel bad about his employment decisions the other day, they’re going to credit my account for the difference. I figure I will pay one final check then cancel the service, and let them figure it out.

Alternatively, I signed up for the Dish, which leaves me still needing a home internet service for my PC and iPhone, since 3G coverage is horrible in my living room; I need WiFi to survive with it. AT&T U-Verse is waaaay pricey, which leaves me with satellite internet (unreliable, expensive) or DSL — which I am okay with since I don’t do online gaming as much as I did a decade ago. However, a 3mbps DSL connection is going to run $40 / month since I don’t have a home phone line, and I pay $46-something for the cable internet, making me wonder if I should just keep the Comcastic internet connection. FML.

Speaking of yelling at customer service reps, I’ve laid into employees at Nike.com twice now. Part of my order the other week was 2 sets of football gloves, the same color/style; Large for me and Medium for Joe. However, mine came in grey, not white. Bastards.

End result: the new pair will be here Monday and I get a $20 gift card to boot. Great gear, but somewhat shotty on replacing screwed up orders, so hope you’re not one of the unfortunate ones. =)

So this is a little preview of the logo that will be on our uniforms for this football season. IT’s getting cropped, obviously, and will be in orange on a blue shirt. Snazzy?

We have our first (scrimmage) set of games on Sunday. Domination: begin! While we won’t have our full uniforms and we have two or three teammates out of town, it will be our first opportunity to show how much kicked ass we plan on dispensing to the other teams.

Technology section created!

Keyboard for your iPhone? You got it. There are also smaller versions available. You know you love it. Now we can quit complaining about the shitty touch screen typing..sort of.

There’s also a nifty comparison of iPhone vs Droid vs Nexus One to take a look at, see how new technology stacks up with old technology.~

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)