Oh, what a weekend!

I’m utterly exhausted at work today! The double-shot espresso this morning I don’t think really phased me. I rarely ever consume coffee or coffee products, so they normally hit me hard (or as my coworker Joe would say, “crazy mofo”) when I do.

Friday I went out with Joe to see other members of our football league, and hang out at their place in Emeryville. Pizza, margaritas, and watching Eric die about 20 times in the span of 3 minutes playing COD4. We drove back that night, but I was content just with just crashing on their couch.

Saturday was part relaxation, part “home improvement”. I got around to painting the doors I previously removed earlier in the week. They’re all finished right now save for the backside of the bedroom door; it was getting dark and I wanted to park back inside my garage! I then went rollerskating with a friend and met up with another of her friends, who dressed up as…. yes….

Domoskate Domodiner

You know it was awesome! He was the life of every party that we went to. Even the 2am diner stop.

Sunday I watched my games of football. Despite my doubleheader of Niners followed by Packers both being a loss, I still came out 4-0 in my fantasy teams for the week. I then met up with friends at a coffee shop and later the club, which I had not been to on a Sunday night before. Ugh. I’m tired.

The best part is, I am guessing I’ll be out for my regular Monday night club / boozingfest when it’s dollar drinks from 10-11. Tuesday is going to hate me…

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)