Vegas was a…

…total blast. The concert was great. I don’t know if San Francisco is doing something wrong, or if Las Vegas is doing something right, but that concert was mellow and mild enough to the point where there weren’t little girls being trampled by drunk 250 pound guys wanting to get to the front. My ribs are still bruised from Modest Mouse (for fuck’s sake) two nights prior, to where seeing 5 bands in the Hard Rock’s concert hall seemed like a local band show. Without 6 drunk women (you guys know who you are!) dancing up front.

The best part? Meeting up with someone from the bay area and exploring the strip again. Seeing the sights, talking and walking around until.. oh shit is it 1:30am already? Memorable moments, I tell ya. And you can walk around in a t-shirt and shorts at all hours of the night, it’s so toasty warm. Mid 60s-70s at 4am.

New play list. I decided to throw up some Smash-Up Derby if you guys have ever heard of them. Second Saturday of every month, Bootie, DNA lounge. Go see them, you won’t regret it. Also since Placebo was being played constantly in between sets, (music videos a la projector screens) I decided to throw one of my favorites up.

Smallville’s 7th season finale was sort of a disappointment. Again. It makes you look forward to the start of next season to have them explain the “what the fuck???” feeling you get after watching. Spoiler warning: <font color=”FFFFFF”>LANA IS NOT DEAD, NEITHER IS CHLOE</font>.

The bands, in order:

<u>Plain White Ts</u>: I give them a <b>B+</b>. Mostly due to inexperience. Good show otherwise, but the singer has a ways to go to meet up to Taking Back Sunday and The Killers level of performance. He did actually pick up a guitar for “Hey There Delilah” while the rest of the band left the stage.

<u>Shiny Toy Guns</u>: <b>A-</b>. Partially due to the fact the Hard Rock’s speaker system overmaxed for STG and The Bravery, the speakers couldn’t handle the voice output. Otherwise, an A. The best of the 5 bands, every song the members were rotating positions. Keyboardist to guitar to bass to singer, etc. They put on a damn good show for being so new. I really can’t wait to see them again, twice, in June!

<u>Silversun Pickups</u>: Getting better and better in concert. If you haven’t seen them the past 17 times they’ve played in the bay area in the past 6 months (Nicole, I don’t want to hear it) then go see them at BFD. Or the show in Sacramento the day after. <b>A-</b> show, with a long extended “Lazy Eye” with drummer craziness.

<u>They Might Be Giants</u>: While I have the feeling they fought for this position in the order, albeit their drum set being up upon opening next to PWTs, I think they got a couple of bands to move up for them. They’re a fun band, doing songs from TV show themes and such if you’ve ever recognized. They were kids (literally, 4-8 years of age) being taken by parents for this band. It seemed as if they hadn’t toured or played together in awhile though, as some of it was done in a bit of haste. Still good otherwise, and it was a fun show, <b>B-</b> is my grade.

<u>The Bravery</u>: Had the lead singer not have acted so egotistical, I’d be giving higher than a <b>B+</b> right now. Maybe it’ll be better during BFD when they’re not headlining, who knows. A good show otherwise, with the bassist being a big hit with the ladies. I hadn’t realized how popular they really were until everyone was rocking to off songs that I swore only I had heard of from their first album. Their new album drops tomorrow, May 22nd, and has some pretty good stuff on it as half their show was new tracks. I actually picked up their play list (tape and all) and am hoping they’re signing for BFD, I’ll get them to autograph it for me, since it has the date and venue and such on it as well – a nice framable collector’s piece.

My car, heh heh

So it still hasn’t gotten smogged, which means my custom plated have been sitting at the DMV for over a month now. La~
they won’t give me my expensive custom plates until I trade in the random-assigned plates, which won’t be mailed to me until the car is actually registered, which won’t happen until the smog check is done.

So my credit union called me, the one who has my car loan, asking if Infinity of Oakland has tried to call me yet. I responded with “yes, and (name edited) has been really pushy and a little rude in getting me to do the smog check. they offered to bring me a car to drive while they take mine, but then he took that option back when he realized I was all the way down in San Jose.”

She said she had been talking to the general manager of Infinity.

About ten minutes ago the GM called me. She apologized about not having the smog check done, all the paper work was present but somehow the smog slipped through the cracks. They’re bringing me a new Infinity to drive tomorrow while they take my Mustang to get it smogged. She also said they’d make sure the gas tank was filled (currently under half, which you realize a tank takes me like $50 to fill now). Sweet! They were going to find a local place to get it smogged until I brought up…

“the car has a little over 3000 miles since I’ve purchased it, and it’s been over 3 months anyhow. Do you guys do services too or have a recommended place to get maintainence done at?”

And she replied “Oh don’t worry, what I’ll do is just have them bring your car back up here, we’ll do a complimentary oil change for you, and.. have you had any service work on it since you’ve had it?”

“No, not yet.”

“Okay, we’ll do all that then, give it an inspection, check pressures and hoses and fluids for you, do the oil change and have the gas tank filled.”

I reply, “Awesome, thank you! And if you guys need my car longer than just tomorrow that’s fine, we can arrange a time on Saturday or Monday for car exchanges again.”

“Yeah we may have to do that, I’ll talk to my service manager and see what we can do.”

So, end result?

I get a new Infinity to drive for at least tomorrow if not through the weekend, the smog gets done without me fronting the cost, oil change and inspection. And I get someone else’s car to drive, woohoo!

Road trip, anyone?