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Not So Silent Night (sorry it’s so late!)

I’ve been really busy lately… shopping, and all. Man, so many presents..

Anyhow. We’re driving through San Francisco on the way to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.. and… well…

You’re welcome.

Bands in order:
Autolux – Auto who? We walked in and I thought it was the random winner of the radio station contest to be the opening band for the concert. Guys, you’ve got a long way to go.

Coheed & Cambria – I think we were mostly disappointed they played none of the songs we knew.. except for maybe one. No Good Eye Sniper, no Blood Red Summer. Nothin’.

Hot Hot Heat – They completely made up for the previous two bands, plus the one after them. I got up close (3 people back, one of which was a bouncer) from the stage to get some pictures. HE LOOKED AT ME OH MY GODZ!!@!!!
But no, seriously, they were better than at the Foo Fighters/Weezer concert, simply because people were singing along and dancing to their music. Given the opportunity, I’d definitely go back to see a 3rd HHH concert/show. Hands down.

Death Cab for Cutie – You guys sucked. Ass. Were you afraid to be close to the edge of the stage? Stop playing for your drummer and back-up guitarist. Play for your fans. You could have at least been within 10 feet of the end of the stage. The Hot Hot Heat lead singer could have slipped off at any moment due to being so close. Grow some balls and play for an audience. You weren’t even energetic for any of your songs. Take some notes from previous bands before you come back. Coheed and Cambria did far better.

The White Stripes – Despite showing up 20 minutes late on-stage for their performance WHEN THERE WERE FOUR OTHER BANDS BEFORE THEM and taking a RANDOM intermission break after 3 or 4 songs, they were alright. We left in the middle of their act, partly due to the crowd we anticpated wanting to leave then, partly due to them being slight assholes. It’s not as if there are 5 people in your group. It’s two people. It shouldn’t take that long to get onto stage, after your props and everything are set up, and leaving the stage, randomly, and not coming back for ten minutes or so, was completely confusing and unrewarding when you did come back. No surprise, no “Hey look I’m tied to a rope and hanging from the ceiling” act. Remember: your fans are why you’re here.

PICTURES!!! Not So Silent Night (sorr…