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  1. I’m not baffled so much as the fact that you somehow managed to “stumble” onto this.



  2. We sell the equivilant of thong-shaped fruit rollups that I’m almost positive people rip the sides of while trying to slide them on.

    This is no shocker. HOWEVER. Just in case you had your crotch up to a UV light for a few minutes, these are your panties. >.>

  3. Where I come from, glowing crotches aren’t considered sexy, but it may come in handy to have one of those, for when there is a storm and the lights are out, you just put everything close to your glowing crotch to distinguish it in the dark.

  4. Re: $9.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Canada’s up North and our currency is dollars but we do have Mexicans up here. :)

    Pesos are love. :)

    $9.50 isn’t too much, even after the conversion.