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So besides those 2 link entries last night, I haven’t updated in awhile.~

Let’s see.. what have I been up to?

– After lying to my mother about them for about 2 weeks, Christmas thank you notes are finally done and out. I’m such a bad person. =/

– My car’s smog check and registration are taken care of.. for once. Hah, none of that getting-car-towed and paying hundreds of dollars to get it out and late fines and shit on my car, THIS year!

– That stupid ambulance bill from my accident in April of 2003, is gone. I got them to lower it substantially, and I just paid that whole thing off. What a crock of bullshit that thing was.. I refused to ride in the ambulance several times, California Highway Patrol said if I didn’t get in, he’d make me get in.. I should have had him force me in, I’d probably would have gotten away without paying the bill, *and* have had a lawsuit against the CHP. As it went, my medical insurance paid all of the $11,000 hospital bill except a $50 co-pay (haha, suckers), and I walked away that same day without stitches.

Speaking of cars.. my car insurance is now $240 for a 6-month term. ROFL??? 2 years ago I was paying $860 for a 6 month.. supposedly, I have some sort of “good driver” discount now.. lol, what a mistake they’re making. My mother pointed out that they had to of made a mistake as well, but as it stands, I’m still stunned… yet saving around $80/month on car insurance~

However, truthbetold, the only things on my record now are that accident, and.. well, that’s it. My most recent accident I was found not-at-fault for, and the “not stopping all the way at the stop sign” thing before above mentioned accident (in my old car), I went to driver school for.. so, I guess they’re right; in terms of being caught, that is!

I have nothing else on my plate right now, and it seems.. odd. I don’t have anything pending that I need to work on, or make sure gets done. Bills are up to date, work’s fine, school is fine, swim practice is going.. what do I do? =(

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)