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World of WarCraft is AWESOME.

So I guess WoW has it’s share of problems… and there’s so many players trying to play that they have a queue just to log into your server. I find that concept ridiculously funny.

Anyways, this guy starts off in some high queue position… and I watched the entire time as his place in line does down, but the estimated time left keeps going up.

Well, I finally see him reach 0… which would mean that he will finally log in. Well, he was at 0 with about an estimated 11500 minutes left. :P

So he reaches 0… and his position starts to go back UP again. OMG. Now he’s back up to 139th in the queue with an estimated time of 13000 minutes. That’s over NINE DAYS.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

2 thoughts on “R O F L”

  1. I haven’t had that problem yet, even on the high population server I play on… thankfully. >< But friends of mine have had that, and they usually just go make alts on another server. *shrug* That's one way to even out the population!