Unzani, his fist closed

So anyhow, second week of swim practice. I must give myself credit for the struggle, it’s been 5 and a half years since I’ve been swimming, not just splashing water in a pool. I get in the pool in the morning, I get out after a bunch of laps, I drive home, and then the sun comes out.. it’s early. =)P

The good news, I haven’t lost any technique or skill.. my leg strength is fine, my stamina is okay, but oh man.. my arms are killing me. Despite all of the.. arm.. exercises.. I’ve done over the last half decade, they’re holding me down… but my legs, the things I’ve been not using for like 3 of the last 5 years (FU EQ!) are fine. I’ve started to get all of the muscle tone back that I once had back then; I had body fat equivalent to something you couldn’t even pinch off your stomach, there was so little.. tight abs and all that. It’ll come back, I give myself until the end of February until I’m back to the way I was getting out of high school. Thousands of teenage girls will fall to their knees as I walk by them; all those 19 year olds, who try to act 21, but are really only 15, will wish I was theres. C’est La Vie.

I really haven’t been on the computer much the last few months; did EQ2 for a month, enjoyed it, bought 2 gigs of ram for it, and then just got tired of it.. World of WarCraft blew, was slightly more fun to play, but the graphics are that of a flock of 8 year olds with etch-a-sketches and crayons. Click my link below in my previous post, if you play WoW! =)P~ Fun times.

I went to Radio Shack yesterday during lunch. I got a $20 gift card for Christmas, but… man, outside of a cell phone, there’s NOTHING there that I’d possibly want/need. I’m browsing through, and grab a headphone 6 foot extension cord… useful for work, in the little Dell computers where I sit and listen to music and videos all day instead of actually doing work.. I take it back, and .. haha, it’s a mono cord, not a stereo.. so sound only comes out on one speaker, not both.

I take it back, and since the only other one they have is an 8 foot cord for twice as much, I say no thanks. HOWEVER.. since I paid with a gift card, they cannot give me cash back. That’s fine, gift card it.

Wrong. Since the total came to less than $5, they cannot put it back on my card, nor can they issue me a new one. I offer them to sell me an equivalent product at the same price, but the stick-up-their-ass employees weren’t going for it. Sooooo… no cash, no store credit.. wtf? Customer Satisfaction my ass.
So after 20 minutes of arguing with them, and them just saying to take it to the management because they’re really damn useless, I grab 2 spindles of 50 CD’R’s (buy one, get one free!) and end up using that return credit, the rest of my gift card, and paying like $6 for 100 CD’R’s.. hooray, now I have about 150 of them lying around.. WHO NEEDS SOME MIX ALBUMS???


Thanks burnttoast256 =p

World of WarCraft is AWESOME.

So I guess WoW has it’s share of problems… and there’s so many players trying to play that they have a queue just to log into your server. I find that concept ridiculously funny.

Anyways, this guy starts off in some high queue position… and I watched the entire time as his place in line does down, but the estimated time left keeps going up.

Well, I finally see him reach 0… which would mean that he will finally log in. Well, he was at 0 with about an estimated 11500 minutes left. :P

So he reaches 0… and his position starts to go back UP again. OMG. Now he’s back up to 139th in the queue with an estimated time of 13000 minutes. That’s over NINE DAYS.