bad day

So today started off bad… my normal task at work just was.. I dunno, bothersome today. I go to lunch a little late because of wanting to finish what I was doing. I hit Taco Bell.. I know someone who works there, he hooks me up with free lunch. All’s great, there’s no rain, this might be a good day after all!

I walk outside to go to my car to drive back from lunch.

Where are my keys?

Oh, shit. There they are. Sitting on the passenger seat. Huzzah. See picture below —-v

“Okay”, I tell myself.. “I’ll just grab the spare key in the magnet case under my car.

Hah hah hah. I couldn’t find it. It must have fallen off, probably when I had my accident, and I never thought to look to make sure it was there. I’ve had this car over a year and a half, and have never locked myself out. =P
So after 15 minutes of walking around looking for a phone book, I talk to a lock smith, and someone is sent over in about a half hour. Note: my lunch break is a total of a half hour.
So … $60 later, and I’m on my way back to work. An hour late. Hooray!

So much for my free lunch. Taco Bell cost me $60 today.. it wasn’t THAT good. :(

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

3 thoughts on “bad day”

  1. you know.. I havn’t done that with the car I’m driving yet…. it’s been since ’99 so its due to happen sooner or later =p

  2. Oh, hello! You added me! Wheee, I added you back. =D

    I’ve never locked my keys in my car *knocks on wood!* but my fiance has, so I’ve done the whole coat hanger through the window thing. Fun fun fun.

    *shakes fist at Taco Bell*