I got my Origin of Symmetry CD in the mail. Bliss is $^@#$^@ awesome, now I can feel less dirty having downloaded all of their music, as I now own all Muse’s 3 albums.. that I know of.. It’s also car makeout music, incase you were wondering.

FedEx came and stopped by on Friday, at 4:30 mind you when most people are working, and left a little doortag on my door saying that I was screwed! Hah, but no really, they need to come after 5 if they’re going to leave doortags for you to go pickup your own damn stuff.

They also have a form on the back, for them to leave future shipments, and any special instructions as to where packages should be placed.
I want to fill it out, and tell them to put them around the house, under a tree, in a bush, or generally any other good hiding place, and then to call me, to let me know where they hid it!
This could be much fun. Like an easter egg hunt. I’d send myself stuff just so I could find out where they hid it, later on. Much fun, mind you, much fun.

But seriously, I want to know what the package was!! Is it my ditigal camera?? Is it the package of stuff my ex decided to keep when she fucked me over and I had to call her parents to ship it out?? Is it one of about a half dozen other things from eBay that I’m waiting for ???!?!?!?!?! MUCH FUN!

News at 11.