Thanks, Trillian!

If anyone has the new versions of Trillian, you’d know that it gives pop-up definitions for pretty much every damn word that’s put into the window. Out of interest, I… well.. fuck it, here.~

Fuck is among the strongest and most controversial vulgarisms in the English language, invariably considered offensive and unacceptable in polite situations. It is, however, rather common in daily use, as well as in popular, or vulgar, late 20th and early 21st century culture. To ”fuck” is to ”copulate” (as in “let’s fuck”), but it is also used as a general-purpose expletive, as in “fuck off!” (“go away!” or “none of your business!”) or “what a dumb fuck” (“what a stupid person”), or to emphasise, as in “this is fucking great” (“this is very good” or “this is very bad”, depending on tone of voice) – it can even be used within words via tmesis, as in “un-fucking-believable” or “unbe-fucking-lievable” (“incredibly unbelievable”), or even as nearly every word in a sentence “Fuck [the] fucking fuckers!” (“Forget about [the] very displeasing people!”) or “[the] fucking fucker’s fucking fucked!” (“this thing doesn’t work!”).

In popular culture, the word ”fuck” has grown in usage, and rules allowing it and other vulgar expletives have softened — largely due to demand trends. It is still often censored on broadcast radio and television; in 2002, when the controversial French film ”Baise-moi” (2000) was released in the USA, its title was changed to ”Rape Me”, rather than the literal ”Fuck Me”, though this may have been for effect. A similar thing happened to the Swedish film ”Fucking ml” (retitled ”Show Me Love”). A similar kind of censoring is offered on many online forums, where users are given options to filter out vulgarities.

The use of ”fuck” varies betwixt state, continent and demographic. For example, a blue collar Australian bloke may use ”fuck” in most sentences, eg. “I’ll be fucked if I’m gonna let that fuckin’ bitch tell me what to fuckin’ do”. Such language, while quite normal in an outback Australian pub, is likely to be highly offensive in an expensive uptown restaurant in New York.

I think I have that “the word fuck” mp3 around here somewhere.. and would post it, if I had a way to host it, hah!


My weight loss is very noticable. I wasn’t fat or anything to begin with, just had some weight I wanted to lose. A few extra pounds that I had accumulated over the past 6 years.

Tried eating healthy? Tried exercising? Tried taking pills?

Fuck that. I eat chips cookies and hot chocolate all day long. I haven’t exercised since starting swimming again, and still that’s all I do. I don’t take weight loss pills.

Swimming = teh win
Me muscle tone is also very noticable too.~