Working on my day off = hooray!

But no, seriously.. with the holiday time and all, I’m working 12 straight days.. well.. I’m getting paid 12 straight days, I’m only working 8 of them! Today’s my day off. Overtime. We’re sitting here doing nothing because the geniuses over at the IT department decided now was a good time to take the systems down quickly for whatever reason. The day we all come in early, on our day off (Thursday is the normal day off for our entire department).

So, I’m sitting here, surfing the internet, and getting paid overtime for it. I can only picture the fun Abby must be having, working in the mud, making sure the dogs she handles don’t kill eachother, or have too much sex. Abs, show the pictures to me as well, so I can help you decide which one to kidnap and take home with you!

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

1 thought on “Working on my day off = hooray!”

  1. Frustrated at work today, I entered someone’s Social Security Number as =zxds=\[=psg|”h and then left it that way. Hooray for random banging of keyboard keys!