Constantly Surprised

So I stayed up until past 11:30 last night (I work in the morning, mind you!) waiting for her to maybe sign onto AIM so we could chat again.. she never came on, so I just wrote it off and went to bed. I couldn’t find the remote control… again… so I slept with the TV on.. again.. which as far as I can remember, I watched Pulp Fiction and Final Destination 2, while sleeping, because I woke up at various parts of the movie. I got up this morning (5 minutes after I was supposed to be at work.. oops, i can drive fast!), and still couldn’t find the remote, so the TV is still on. =P

She had e-mailed me at 12:30 am, explaining her computer was being fickle (it’s an HP, I don’t disagree that is sucks).

I honestly didn’t think I would hear from her much, if at all.. she’s never had a “real” relationship it seems, so I think she’s over-cautious about getting into one. Being 2 hours driving distance away is only a minor obstacle, as is our slightly different work schedules.

What do I do? Try to pursue someone who’s slightly worried/afraid to do anything, or just let it all go? I really, really miss being in a relationship. I’m not afraid of committment, sacrifice, or compromise. I just miss being with someone. ;)

I’m not into drugs, heavy drinking, and I’m not much of a club person.. which pretty much omits about 95% of the population that is my age.. so it’s hard to find anyone that wouldn’t be discouraged by what I’m into, or not into.

Bah. =P
I sort of miss the life I had when I worked a couple days a week, and just played EQ 60+ hours a week, sighs.. I’m not entirely unattractive looking, not fat or anything else that would keep the masses of women at bay.. I just, can’t find anyone, it seems. =(

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

7 thoughts on “Constantly Surprised”

  1. hey, I have monday off of work so I’ll be home all day. and I do have new year’s day off so I’m goin’ with you! :) happier now? and hamster is doing just fine. missing you, I’m sure. heh. see you tomorrow. <3.

  2. hey :) I guess time will tell, I suppose. that’s all I have to say about that! and yes, I do like the Vanessa Carlton cd. do you still wanna get together tonight? call and let me know.

  3. Thanks for the advice. =)

    That’s basically what I was thinking. I brought up the idea of doing something with her for New Year’s, with or without my friend who introduced us. I let her know that I’m not pushing anything, and if she wants to do whatever in the future, she’ll let me know.

  4. Well *cough* my bf of 5.5 years and I met on EQ….and live together. works. but we lived in the same city to begin with.

    I wouldn’t go into a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. It’s not really fair to the other person.

    If you are interested in her and want to persue it, then do so, just remember to take things slowly and with caution seeing as it would be her first real relationship. You have something golden here. She’s never had a relationship before, you get to show her the fun things it can be (and the arguing which at some point will happen, but most imporantly, the flowers, phone calls, emails, dinners, walks, long talks, smiles…kisses)

    I say if you are truley interested in her, and she seems interested. go for it…but don’t push unless she says to.

  5. My last girlfriend lived in Connecticut, whom I met over EQ. I wasn’t looking for a realtionship, it just sort of happened, which I think is the best way to meet someone. A 2 hour drive is nothing compared to an 8 hour plane flight and $300 or so. Yeah, it does limit things in terms of “getting to know eachother,” but it’s a whole lot more accessible than I had before. I talked to my last g/f about 5 months over the phone, everyday, until we met for the first time.

    I do like not playing games religiously like I used to.. life was alot more simple then, but.. atleast I have possibilities now. =P

    The TV has this main power switch on it.. which like.. powers the TV but doesn’t actually turn it on or off, the remote is needed to switch the on/off flag for the set.. so I can unplug it or hit that main switch, which is just a pain to do. It was a cheap $100 TV that I bought when I was poor. =P