7 thoughts on “YUCH”

  1. Ack! Hahaha, whewpsies.

    Hot chocolate powder mix stuff + LIQUID coffee! (this is important here!) + sugar + milk = yum.

  2. its good cuz he’s my cool friend who seems like my brother but he’s really not my brother, he’s just my cool friend. yeah.

  3. So yeah, I suck.

    I hadn’t realized how stupid I was.. I actually made the hot chocolate, and then, lol, put coffee grounds in it.. not just the liquid coffee.. heh.

    In my defense though (STOP LAUGHING damnit!), I woke up at 9:00 and had to be at work at 9:30, so I was kinda.. tired.~

  4. Your just using the wrong coffee…or hot chocolate.

    Mix your hot choco with creme de menthe or Bailys irish creme (alcoholic drinks i know)….they are to die for.