Yes, you heard it here first! My brain has indeed turned on!

The reason:
Chapter 10.. Sequences and Series. The last chapter we’re covering in Pre-Calculus… test a week from tonight!

Boy, I surely hope I don’t fail it this time. =(

I mean.. some of it is fun.. looking at graphs, and shifting them, stretching them, rotating them, and otherwise mutilating them so they’re hardly recognizable anymore.. that’s kinda fun.. and if I was more into it, I’d consider taking the next level of Calculus.. but overall, Pre-calc just isn’t my preferred sexual position in the bedroom of Mathematics.

Geometry was fun. Slap down a bunch of lines going every which way, give me one angle, and I’ll find the rest for you in a minute. Hell, you can even throw in the length of one of the line segments, and I’ll give you the rest of those, too. Proofs sucked though. Proofs still suck. Nothing’s changed there.

This would be, hopefully, the last math class I will ever have to take. Again. Somehow, my goal of “let’s prove to the world I don’t need a college degree” came to a sudden halt when I realized “I could major in cake decoration, and still end up with a 6-digit salary at a multi billion dollar electronics corporation.” That’s how much of a joke this all is.. I see people everyday who majored in bio-chemistry, buisness administration, advanced physics, engineering… what do they do for a living? Deliver pizzas, walk dogs, and sell books and coffee. Wow. You’re so awesome.
I seriously wish I would have known, when I graduated high school, that I could have taken ANY major, just so long as I completed one. That’s all that, sadly, matters. Having book knowledge has proven to be much more needed than actual work experience.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)