Would you like to supersize your order of AWKWARDNESS??

Pizza & a movie with her and her boyfriend last night.. yeah.
The best is when I see the expression on her face everytime she realizes something else that he and I have in common.. yes, Abby, it is a conspiracy.~

Your couch is really comfy, and I was falling asleep towards the end of the movie.. but you already knew that! Oh, the joys of having woken up in your guys’ place this morning, that would have been. =P


Dear Abby, (haha, I’ve always wanted to say that)
What time are we going over to her house tonight?? Give her like, 6 hours warning, that should be sufficient! And she can warn her creepyscarydad, so he won’t chase me out with a pitchfork and/or shotgun.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

4 thoughts on “Would you like to supersize your order of AWKWARDNESS??”

  1. oh jeez…..not tonight Jason! no! I’m so sorry to dissapoint. oh, btw I don’t think I told you but I hate the name Abby. ugh. anyways, hope you had fun last night. it was kind of difficult for me! :P you could’ve stayed over last night, ya know. silly.

  2. Nah, it’s so-so, but I love when it breaks down and starts a completely different beat, which is alot better. =P
    The rest of the song makes up for the average beginning.