Nothing makes you feel as if “everything is going to be alright, life will go on”, as that feeling when you have enough in your checking account to pay rent for the next 6 months, all bills are paid off, 75% of your income is disposable… and a full tank of gas.

I dunno, the last 2 months for me have sucked.. bad. I’ve felt as if I have lost everything. Very few things in my life are the same as they were 20 months ago.. everything else reminds me of her. Hell, I cannot even go to Jack in the Box anymore. I guess this happens when you try to put someone into your life, family and all.

But I dunno.. things are looking up. Things are going to be alright. I have a full tank of gas. Don’t bother with your rent, don’t bother with your bills, don’t bother with other people and their drama. Nothing in life is as important as a full tank of gas. (remember I said that!)

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)

9 thoughts on “bah”

  1. Uhm, hello.
    This is uhh.. me.. =P

    How do I know you? VC community? I have no idea.. you’re in Wisconsin, I only know like, 3 people that live there.

  2. Well yes, of course.~
    I hate working on my day off *sigh* but it’s over 20 bucks an hour, and more money saved = more time I can waste being jobless in the future!

    I still have your CDs, you have my 3 seasons of Smallville, so yes. Besides, we’re 10 minutes away, and there’s $5 pizzas along the way! =P

  3. hey, I hope everything’s alright. where I am now is not how I envisioned myself even a year ago, so….it happens to everyone. glad to hear about the money thing though, that’s cool. take care, hopefully I’ll talk to you soon. *hugs and love* <3.