Working on my day off = hooray!

But no, seriously.. with the holiday time and all, I’m working 12 straight days.. well.. I’m getting paid 12 straight days, I’m only working 8 of them! Today’s my day off. Overtime. We’re sitting here doing nothing because the geniuses over at the IT department decided now was a good time to take the systems down quickly for whatever reason. The day we all come in early, on our day off (Thursday is the normal day off for our entire department).

So, I’m sitting here, surfing the internet, and getting paid overtime for it. I can only picture the fun Abby must be having, working in the mud, making sure the dogs she handles don’t kill eachother, or have too much sex. Abs, show the pictures to me as well, so I can help you decide which one to kidnap and take home with you!

Santa DOES exist!

..and my dog was the only witness. =(

Allow me to explain!

Friday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)
10:30 pm
My sister and I are in my grandparent’s den, watching some TV. I go out through the living room and into the kitchen, grab me something to drink, and go back in.

I go back out to refill my glass, and low and behold, the stockings are all full, and there’s presents anew scattered about! My grandparents were asleep, and my parents were in the garage talking, smoking their lives away, yada yada. The only witness to Santa having come was my 17 year old dog, half asleep.
She won’t admit to it though.. I ask her what Santa looked like, and she just stares at me, as if she has no idea what’s going on.


In other news, on the drive back from Vegas, we witness several things which made me wish I had bought that digital camera while we were day-after-Christmas-shopping.

First.. The Attack of the TUMBLEWEEDS. We were somewhere in Barstow, and the wind was strong. There was a field to our left, where there must have been several herds consisting of atleast a few dozen dead tumbleweeds each, being rolled over towards the road. They started climbing the fence, and attacking poor innocent cars on either side of the road. It was like an obstacle course, something you’d see from a collection of 5 bad Playstation games on one disc for the low price of $9.95… Drive your car and don’t get hit!

Secondly.. How many of you have seen a double rainbow? In other words.. seen one rainbow, and then another next to it a few hundred yards away, a completely different rainbow. It’s rare, congrats if you’ve seen one.. but folks.. this was a triple rainbow. Some time after Barstow the sun started shining and the rain slowed to a mere light sprinkle mist, and 3 different rainbows ahead of us were formed.. it was like a bad Wizard of Oz look-a-like movie.

Anyhow, hope you folks had a good Christmas, happy holidays and all that. ;)