Awesome album, very awesome. I’m listening to it at work.

I feel a lot less dirty now, having purchased it, after I downloaded all of the mp3’s about 2 weeks ago.. I had the lyrics to White Houses memorized about 2 months ago. =(

C’est La Vie is still my favorite track on the album. Afterglow is awesome as well. The whole album is good, what am I saying? ;p
If you loved ‘Be Not Nobody’, this one will give you orgasms in your sleep.

My biggest downside? Only 10 tracks.. EXCEPT THAT HIDDEN 11TH ONE, HAHA! So clever~
I can’t wait to pop this in and see the ‘Enhanced’ features.. it’ll have to be on my second computer, as I install EQ2 with all 37 CD’s on my main one. P.S… thanks Fry’s, for taking 20 minutes to deal with my pre-order and making me late for work this morning.

Author: Jason Zajdel

Learning as I go along. It's an awesome ride. =-)