Free Lunch, Ahoy!

Today was another one of those days where they made us eat lunch they paid for, again. Stirfry with rice, dinner rolls, salad, etc.. cheap, but not too bad considering free. The best part is, no one really knew why we were getting free lunch, again.

After some investigative work, I learned it was due to monthly anniversaries.. people who had been with the company for 7 years, etc. /shrug

I still want hot chocolate. =(

The Da Vinci Code

So, I picked up a book today. I figured, I should start reading again.. if I’m not playing EQ, or something.

Someone should be proud of me. I also got a US and World map.. each are over 3′ x over 4 ‘… hopefully I won’t be as stupid in the future.

There was this small little used/new book store across the street from work. I still have to find out which Brian Jacques books I have, and then get the ones I don’t. The store owner, a nice old guy with a bad mustache shave, liked talking to me about how I found the store, my work, etc.. a nice guy, a nice store, I shall return, if I finish this book!