Today’s Mike’s word is…


But nothing beats “She Embrace Her Cantaloupe” … “Regret”

It’s raining. Finally. Nothing beats the first rainfall. The air smells so clean afterwards, and even during. The brown hillside containing angry cows turns green. And every motherfucking Californian runs their car into someone else because they don’t know it’s hazardous to drive at fast speeds during the first few rainfalls (or any, for that matter). Bring on that Fall spirit!


Is he not just so cute?? His name is Hamster aka Abu2. His daily activities include being stupid and running in his wheel, which he densly packed with bedding and food, with his cheek pouches full of more bedding and food.. as if someone comes in and takes away from his food dish while he sleeps and there are no good hiding places or something.

It’s Sunday. I’m at work. I’ve been here for two hours and the work’s all done.. will we go home early? Probably not, Jose the Slave Driver is working, and we’ll be damned if we don’t sit around another 6 hours and stare at blank computer screens.